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Franciscan Primary School

Our Staff

Staff at Franciscan Primary School work together to ensure that the children, who are at the heart of our school, are given the best education, support and schooling experience there is to offer.

Our highly qualified and experienced Teachers offer the children an all-round exceptional education, under the guidance and support of a Leadership Team striving to move the school forward.

The Teaching Assistants, Learning Mentors and Administration staff are all vital to the successful running of the school and take pride in ensuring that the children are the focus of our work.

Leadership Team

Pat André-Watson - Headteacher

Jackey Wilson - Deputy Headteacher

Lisa Ferguson - Early Years Phase Lead

Maria Gurdas -  Y1/Y2/Y3 Phase Lead

Diane Nam -  Y4/Y5/Y6 Phase Lead

Juliette Beedie - SENCO

School Office

Patricia Pinto - Office Manager

Hannia Sandhu - Senior Administration Officer

Marian Thompson - Administration Officer

Amanda Tinsley - Receptionist

Classroom Teachers 

Early Years Building

Sarah Christy - Saplings Class, Nursery Teacher

Lisa Ferguson - Cherry Class 1, Nursery Teacher

Pamela Mucci - Cherry Class 2, Nursery Teacher

Zenia McDonald - Elm Class, Reception Teacher

Middle Building

Naomi Kabutey - Beech Class, Year 1 Teacher

Maria Gurdas -  Laurel Class, Year 2 Teacher

Shola Ayodele - Willow Class, Year 2 Teacher

Liam Darlington - Cypress Class, Year 3 Teacher

Okeburn Building

Michaela Howard - Linden Class, Year 4 Teacher

Diane Nam - Aspen Class, Year 5 Teacher

Vivienne Dompreh - Chestnut Class, Year 6 Teacher

Anita Sharif - Oak Class, Year 6 Teacher

Other Teachers 

Daniel Hamilton - PE Coach

David Fitzgerald - Music Teacher (0.6 fte)

Teaching Assistants

Bomyung Kim - Saplings Class

Farhia Ali-Siad Hindi - Cherry Class 1

Claire Robinson - Cherry Class 1

Cheryl Saldanha - Cherry Class 1

Sharon Espinosa-Ramirez - Cherry Class 1

Maleeni Visakaratnam - Cherry Class 2

Natalie Parchment - Elm Class

Rachel Nelson - Beech Class

Jane Emmerson - Laurel Class

Lindsey Casey - Willow Class

Sharon Pourou - Beech, Laurel and Willow Classes

Marsha McIntosh - Cypress Class

Chris Simper - Cypress Class

Debbie Douglas - Linden Class

Lalita Seeboruth - Linden Class

Zubaida Housein - Linden Class

Linda Casey - Aspen Class

Misbah Qureshi - Aspen Class

Lindsey Beers - Chestnut Class

Hayley Grace - Chestnut 

Nicole Grace - Oak Class

Kim Woolnough - Oak Class

Yoko Yoneyama - Academic Mentor

Neide Lopes De Sousa - Reading Champion

Sabiha  Kalam - Reading Champion

Learning Mentors

Marian Thompson  

Donnelly Ford