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Franciscan Primary School

Franciscan curriculum

Curriculum Intent

 At Franciscan we offer a rich and varied curriculum which encourages every child to meet and achieve their full potential. Our curriculum develops the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which will serve pupils well later in life. The diversity of our school population is reflected in the curriculum we deliver with opportunities for pupils of all backgrounds and abilities to celebrate, share and learn about different cultural and spiritual beliefs. Our broad and balanced curriculum provides pupils with experiences to help develop resilience, curiosity and creativity. At Franciscan our aim is to enrich every child’s school experience by creating an inclusive environment where they can succeed and be the best they can be. 

 Curriculum Implementation

At Franciscan our curriculum is delivered through well planned and engaging lessons which provide opportunities for all pupils to be challenged through a variety of learning contexts. Literacy is taught through the Power of Reading which provides pupils with high quality texts as stimuli for reading and writing activities. Reading across the curriculum and reading for pleasure is also an integral part of our curriculum. Maths is taught using a combination of “Maths no problem” and White Rose resources with fluency, problem solving and reasoning being key components of our Maths lessons. Science and Foundations subjects are linked to the International Primary Curriculum and provide a range of knowledge and skills- based learning for pupils. Pupils are able to work collaboratively and creatively while developing their enquiry skills.  PE, Dance, French and Music are taught by highly experienced specialist teachers.  Franciscan is a UNICEF Rights Respecting school the values of which provide a common thread that is inter woven throughout our curriculum.

 Curriculum Impact

The impact of the curriculum is monitored through a range of outcomes Regular monitoring of pupil data, planning, books, displays and lesson observations provide detailed information on the impact of our curriculum. Pupil voice and discussions with staff, pupils and parents also ensure that there is a consistency of curriculum delivery across the school. Pupils leave Franciscan not only with secure academic understanding but with a love of learning and an awareness of how to be a good citizen.