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PE at Franciscan

PE at Franciscan 

At Franciscan Primary School, we envision a Physical Education and Sport curriculum that provides every child with access to a diverse range of physical activities, fostering regular engagement and developing competent and confident participants. 

Our approach is centred on empowering pupils to recognize the positive impact of physical activity on their overall well-being, both physically and mentally. We achieve this by offering various opportunities to increase their involvement in sport through an extensive extra-curricular club program and inter/intra-school competitions. We hope to cultivate a genuine love and passion for sport that will continue to enrich their lives beyond school years. 

As pupils progress through their PE and Sport journey, they explore and build upon a variety of physical and interpersonal skills, such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. They learn to effectively apply these skills in a range of team and individual scenarios, fostering personal growth and social development. 

We recognize swimming and water safety as crucial life skills, ensuring that all pupils leave Year 6 as confident and competent swimmers. Our swimming program follows the Swim England framework, providing pupils with opportunities to develop confidence in water, acquire essential aquatic and self-rescue skills, and master a range of strokes. By the time they complete Year 6, all pupils will be able to swim 25 metres proficiently. 

PE lessons commence with a review of previously acquired knowledge and skills, reinforcing learning and establishing connections with upcoming topics. This approach allows pupils to grasp the rationale behind their learning and its relevance to the broader context of PE and Sport. Lessons begin with a warm-up session, where pupils develop an understanding of the body's response to exercise and the importance of proper warm-up techniques. 

Our progressive learning pathway allows pupils to start with simplified skills and gradually build upon them using a step-by-step approach. They have ample opportunities to practise, refine, and apply newly acquired skills in a competitive environment with appropriate challenges, encouraging personal growth and skill mastery.

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