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Science at franciscan

 At Franciscan Primary School, we are committed to providing our pupils with a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that encompasses both scientific knowledge and skills. We recognize the importance of science education in fostering curiosity, developing critical thinking abilities, and igniting a passion for exploring the wonders of the world around us. 

Our science curriculum is designed to ignite our pupils' innate curiosity about the world and cultivate their ability to approach science as a process of inquiry. We have meticulously tailored the curriculum to the unique needs of Franciscan pupils, incorporating opportunities within the curriculum to broaden their understanding of potential career paths related to science. By the time pupils leave Franciscan, they will have a firm grasp of the scientific knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum for biology, chemistry, and physics. They will also have developed a deep appreciation for the principles of scientific investigation and the ability to effectively communicate their findings using a variety of methods, including graphs, charts, and ICT. Most importantly, we strive for all our pupils to leave Franciscan with an enduring passion for and enjoyment of science. 

At Franciscan, we adhere to the scientific knowledge and skills progression outlined in the National Curriculum. Each science unit is structured to ensure a clear progression of knowledge, and all working scientifically skills are covered throughout the year.  

Hands-on science experiments are an integral part of our lessons, providing opportunities for pupils to consolidate learning objectives and actively engage with the material. We ensure that we cater for all pupils, including those with SEND, ensuring that all pupils have access to appropriate learning opportunities. For more advanced pupils. Lessons provide opportunities to showcase their deeper understanding through greater depth challenges. 

At the end of each unit, pupils' understanding is assessed to ensure that they are continually progressing in their learning. Key scientific vocabulary is embedded throughout lessons, and pupils are actively encouraged to incorporate this vocabulary into their spoken and written work. To reinforce their understanding, classes have the opportunity to participate in relevant workshops or trips. We aim to empower our pupils to become confident and inquisitive scientists, equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the subject and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

Franciscan Primary Science Overview