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Franciscan Primary School

RE at Franciscan

Given the UK's rich cultural and religious diversity, it is crucial to equip young people with the tools to understand and appreciate different belief systems. Our religious education (RE) curriculum at Franciscan Primary School provides pupils with the knowledge and skills to engage in respectful discussions about major world religions, make connections between these faiths, and challenge stereotypes.

By the time pupils leave Franciscan, they will have gained a comprehensive understanding of major world religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. This knowledge will encompass the core beliefs, practices, and traditions of these faiths. Additionally, pupils will explore widely held alternative beliefs, including Atheism and Humanism.

Our RE curriculum extends beyond religious beliefs, delving into a variety of universal themes such as justice, morality, and right and wrong. Pupils will examine how different religions approach these themes, fostering comparative understanding and critical thinking skills.

Our RE curriculum aligns with the Wandsworth SACRE, ensuring that pupils engage with religion and beliefs from an academic and respectful perspective. We enrich learning through the use of artefacts, visits to places of worship, and engaging age-appropriate resources.

Our RE curriculum fosters a cumulative learning experience, building upon knowledge gained from previous units and across the school years. This progressive approach ensures that pupils' understanding of different religions and beliefs continues to expand and deepen.

To support meaningful discussions, we integrate relevant UNCRC articles  and particularly communication skills. We encourage pupils to draw upon their own knowledge and experiences, creating a classroom environment where respectful dialogue and open-mindedness thrive.

Through our comprehensive and engaging RE curriculum, we aim to empower pupils to become informed, empathetic, and respectful individuals, capable of navigating the complexities of a diverse and interconnected world.

Franciscan Primary RE Overview