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Maths at franciscan

At Franciscan Primary School, we firmly believe that all pupils possess the potential to excel in mathematics. We are committed to fostering a lifelong love of the subject and preparing our pupils for future success, regardless of their background or prior knowledge. 

The Teaching for Mastery Approach at Franciscan 

To achieve our goal of empowering all pupils to become confident and proficient mathematicians, we have fully embraced the Teaching for Mastery approach. This comprehensive approach emphasises:

  • Coherence: Ensuring a clear progression of mathematical knowledge throughout the curriculum
  • Variation: Providing diverse learning experiences to cater to different learning styles and needs
  • Mathematical Thinking: Encouraging pupils to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Representations and Structures: Utilising concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations to enhance understanding 

Our meticulously designed mathematics curriculum provides ample opportunities for pupils to master mathematical concepts through carefully sequenced and interactive lessons. 

Our mathematics lessons are carefully structured to break down complex concepts into small, manageable steps, making learning accessible to all pupils. We guide our pupils in formulating and understanding key generalisations as they apply the newly acquired knowledge to a variety of contexts. 

To ensure a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, we employ a variety of representations, including concrete, pictorial, and abstract, allowing pupils to move flexibly between different representations and mathematical ideas. Lessons provide opportunities for pupils to engage in reasoning and problem-solving activities. 

For pupils who seek additional challenges, we provide opportunities for deeper learning and exploration, often connecting these challenges to other areas of the curriculum. 

Included in our regular mathematics lessons, we reinforce and secure key facts. By developing fluency skills in this discrete manner, we reduce cognitive load during the main mathematics lesson, enabling all pupils to approach new concepts with a stronger foundation. 

Through our comprehensive and engaging mathematics program, we aim to empower our pupils to become confident and expressive mathematicians, equipped with the skills and passion to succeed in the subject throughout their lives.

Franciscan Primary Maths Overview