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Franciscan Primary School

French At Franciscan

We believe that every pupil should be equipped with the necessary skills to learn a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) effectively, both within and beyond the classroom. We strive to instill in our pupils a strong appreciation for French culture and the importance of global citizenship. At Franciscan, French is taught from Year 3 to Year 6, with one lesson per week. The lessons are delivered by our MFL Specialist Teacher.

Our pupils demonstrate a remarkably positive attitude towards French and languages in general. They recognise the immense value of learning and speaking other languages, taking great pride in their ability to use the target language. We emphasise the importance of cultural understanding, encouraging our pupils to learn about different traditions and celebrations. We aim to cultivate a love for languages and inspire our pupils to pursue ambitious goals in their future lives and careers.

Our French lessons incorporate a variety of engaging methods, including songs, grammar games, stories in the target language, and role-plays. Pupils are also exposed to French reading and writing tasks, helping them develop a deeper understanding of language structure and function. French sessions are mostly conducted in the target language, providing ample opportunities for our pupils to improve their speaking and listening skills.