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Franciscan Primary School

History at Franciscan

At Franciscan Primary School, our history curriculum encompasses a diverse range of themes carefully selected to captivate the interest and stimulate the curiosity of our pupils. By the end of their time at Franciscan, they will have developed a solid foundation in historical knowledge, encompassing both the broader world and their own personal heritage. Throughout their historical journey, they will be guided to employ a variety of historical concepts, further enhancing their understanding and critical thinking skills, preparing them for their next stage of learning. 

At Franciscan, we are empowering our pupils to assume the role of historians by questioning, interpreting, explaining, and communicating their reasoning.  The use of reliable sources helping pupils to find out about the past and linking lessons which connect to the bigger picture of how the past has impacted how we live today.  

Within their lessons, pupils will engage with and critically analyse a variety of sources to deepen their knowledge on the chosen theme.  They look at the reliability of different sources.  As they progress through the school, their historical understanding expands across different time periods, allowing them to build upon and refine their learning from previous years. 

To further support our pupils' inquiries, we establish connections between historical events and modern-day scenarios that resonate with their experiences. We utilise the UNCRC articles and Sustainable Development Goals to foster an understanding of the enduring relevance of historical events and the interconnectedness of past, present, and future. 

In the classroom, history lessons are enriched with a variety of resources and artefacts, transforming the learning environment into a stimulating historical immersion experience such as A day in the life of a Roman soldier’ Beyond the classroom walls, we further enrich historical learning through a range of outdoor learning opportunities for all year groups, including excursions to the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum. These immersive experiences provide our pupils with direct exposure to historical sites and artefacts, allowing them to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the tangible realities of the past.

Franciscan Primary History Overview