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Design & Technology at franciscan

The design and technology (DT) curriculum at Franciscan Primary School cultivates creativity, innovation, and risk-taking among our pupils as they embark on the journey of becoming designers and makers of purposeful products. We nurture confident designers by providing them with focused and achievable projects that promote their development.

Our selection of DT projects, encompassing cooking, construction, mechanics, and textiles, brings learning to life through engaging, practical, and challenging lessons. Pupils are encouraged to apply skills across various subjects, including maths, science, computing, art, and literacy, in real-world contexts, making the learning meaningful, memorable, and relevant.

We recognize the significance of analysing existing products and learning about the designers who have shaped the world. This is an essential component of understanding the impact of design on our world and fostering pupils' curiosity and engagement in the subject.

Providing our pupils with a range of resources and allowing them to take ownership of their design decisions are crucial elements of their success as designers. We view design as an ongoing process, granting pupils the freedom to adapt their designs as they strive to create functional and high-quality products.

We encourage pupils to consider important issues such as sustainability, enabling them to comprehend both the positive and negative global implications of design.

During DT lessons, we promote life skills such as positive problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, and independence as pupils navigate a series of lessons to optimise their designs.

DT lessons at Franciscan ensure that, in addition to acquiring new skills, pupils have opportunities to revisit their knowledge and build upon their abilities as they progress through the school.

Throughout the designing and making process, pupils will engage in a series of activities that foster their understanding and skills in product development. These activities include: 

  • Exploration and Analysis: Pupils will thoroughly examine existing products to gain insights into their purpose, functionality, and design principles.
  • Design Exploration and Iteration: Pupils will explore potential design solutions, considering various materials, tools, and newly acquired skills. They will experiment with different design iterations, refining their ideas as they progress.
  • Informed Design Decisions: Pupils will make informed design decisions, documenting their ideas and adapting their designs based on feedback and analysis.
  • Product Creation: Pupils will bring their design to life by crafting a functional product. They will apply their newly acquired skills, paying attention to detail and finishing touches to ensure the product meets the desired quality standards.
  • Evaluation and Reflection: Pupils will evaluate their product against the established success criteria, reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of their design. This self-assessment will contribute to their future design endeavours.

Franciscan Primary Design & Technology Overview